Friday, October 25, 2013

Baqar and Rida.

love is something which costs you a lot, to some people it costs more than they ever imagined it would. For some people love comes free and out of no where, some people choose their loved ones and others are chosen by the institution of love itself, the same concept on which destiny works. The people who choose love are mostly who give up on the concept of love after a little hiccup or an encumbrance or whatever the matter is. The people who are destined to be together are the ones who last longer and have more understanding between them even without being together, they don't give up easy, as a matter of fact they just don't give up.

as far as my little knowledge about love goes, it is based on two things, 1. Trust. 2. Respect. Now, how does one show to their partner that he/she trusts him? Trust is essentially based on having complete belief on your partner he/she knows that whatever he/she will say will always have the consent of one person and the rest of the world doesn't really matter, to be honest, when you receive the never ending love and support of your partner i don't think anything else can take its place. Moving on to the second element, Respect, how does one partner show his/her respect towards the other? simple, the two of them are so happy within the world they build together that they understand each other in such a beautiful way that neither one of them has urge to act like someone else around each other, they are simply who they are and comfortable to an extent that they share their darkest secrets knowing that it will never be used against you. Respect is when both the people in a relationship know their respective duties and obligations towards the relationship they protect from the world, hand in hand, finding strength in each other and even if the world assumes you're nothing, the moment they stare at each other, they see their lives flashing by perfectly, both heroes to one another. 

lucky people find true love in times like these, where the concept of love is misused on so many levels. I've always wondered what real love would feel like, coming back home after having the shittiest day ever, but as soon as you see your partner, everything, every problem just vanishes like they never were there in the first place. Majority people find love and they misuse it to fulfill their own selfish means which in the very sense of it is saddening and unfortunate, but then again there are people who are chosen by love and they cherish their special thing for times to come. yeah they have differences and yes they fight, but then again who doesn't? the difference here is that they know that at the end of the day they'd rather be in the arms of their partner instead of being some other place. Love doesn't make anyone perfect for the world but love surely makes two people perfect for each other.

in my opinion Baqar and Rida you guys are the people who are destined to be together, like who would've thought that after so many encumbrances you guys would be together, urdu notes? seriously guys, your story is better than anything i've ever heard, you guys are the inspiration for this blog entry. You guys look so good together MashaAllah, Baqar being the army guy and Rida being the perfect woman who is there to look after the person who looks out for his country, so maybe then we all should thank Rida, eh? Anyways, on this very special day, your anniversary i wish you guys (Baby Enaya as well) the best of luck for your future en devours and pray that you guys are blessed with whatever you want be it right or wrong. I look upto you guys in so many ways it feels like i've known you guys through out my life. Baqar is lo, and Rida is ve, when together you guys define and complete Love like nobody else. Knowing you guys makes me believe in love no matter how sucky the world says it is, i'll always be on my toes whenever and if love comes by. This blog is your anniversary gift from me and if you guys need anything else, anything i could help with, you'll find me there regardless of the situation because for me you three are family already. lots of love to the happy couple may Allah always protect you guys from evil and may you cherish what you share forever and be an inspiration for every married couple there is. Best wishes.

- Taha A Wyne.
- love, respect, trust. 


Where there is love there is life.
- Mahatma Ghandi. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Been off the pad for a while but i have my reasons, i hope that this entry will reflect the same, this entry holds grave importance to me because this might be the only thing which we could relate to on a daily basis. At first i wasn't sure as per what to write about because my mind has been the dwelling place for millions of random thoughts everyday.
So moving forward to the topic of this blog, Deceit is the quality that prompts intentional concealment or perversion of the truth for the sole purpose of misleading. In its nature, deceit owns negative characteristic.
However, it is common for someone to mix lies and deceit but the thing to be remembered is that both of them are way different in nature and meaning, for example, a lie can be both positive or negative, it can either be used to to shield a person or mislead him, thus having both the effects, it lie can be deceiving in nature but the father branch over here is Deceit which has only one direction and that is to mislead someone either by action or words.

People would tell you things, things you want to hear, things which will make you feel good, feel better about yourself, but the question is for how long? how long would it take until that effect wears off? and deep down you know it that the things they say aren't real, they don't mean to say what they did, they don't want to really compliment you, they just want to get through the moment or achieve a personal motive, the best part about all this is that you know all this isn't real and that you're being misled and you like it, the fake words, the empty feelings, this is the trick Deceit plays on you, it pounces from the dark with a +1 return ticket, gives you a little sunshine and when its done impacting your life it reels you back into the hole it came from. 

Truth, honesty, and other things like that, who has the time for them right? when you can lie your way in and out of things, doesn't matter who you lie to, you're getting what you want right? and for the most of us that is what matters, feelings, emotions, kindness has nothing to do with that course of action. They say " one word of the truth is better than a billion lies " but thats just a saying right? we don't play by the books of nature, we play by our own rules even if that means you have to feed a lie to every mouth you ever see, keep them where they are, keep them on the hook because the truth will only set them free, and why give them closure or set them free, when you can have them where you want for the rest of their miserable lives. Some people are like magicians they'd make you believe that somethings there whereas in reality nothing is there, its an empty space waiting to consume you into its nothingness, for a moment you feel at peace but then you start to question them, why? why me? how? but these people are good at what they do and no matter what happens they will never reveal their secrets.

People would tell you that they'll always be there for you, always look after your best interest whereas in reality they are there for themselves, they are looking out for their own selves not you, they don't really care about you, to be honest no one does, they are there because they want to be but when they are done and they don't want to be there, they'll act like they were never there in the first place, try to stop them all you want to and they feed you with excuses, "its not you, its me" and frankly this line is probably the only thing they wont be lying about, because it is them, not you. Problem with us is that we love it, yeah, we love the empty lies and the hallow words because it is a source of constant comfort to us. Most of them aren't meant to lie to you, so, while doing the same they give it away too easy and its heartbreaking and upsetting to see someone just slap you with lies without even realising that you know the worth of those words being thrown at you is nothing, nothing at all but still you let them do that, why? because as told earlier you love it when people feed you with lies because for the time being it makes you feel better and if you deny the same that you love people feeding you lies, you're in so deep that you probably can't even pull yourself out of it anymore.

Lies have their way of making themselves a daily routine thing and as time passes by you justify lies with self created reason which makes you feel as if you're doing nothing wrong, but the reality is that you are, so as of today stop lying, maybe not for your own sake but for the victims you leave behind, don't take advantage of someones vulnerability because believe it or not one fine day, all those lies you've told, the secrets you've been keeping would come back to bite you in the ass and seriously its going to sting, BAD.- Taha A Wyne.

" Never get too attached to someone unless they also feel the sameway because one-sided expectations can mentally destroy you " 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Thinking Out Loud.

Am I to be happy?
I dwell so deep within myself
that I have never seen the light of day.

The past never happened,
the future will never come,
and the present isn't real.

Depression is a part of everyday life.
The birds chirp for someone else,
The day warms the lives of everyone,
but me.

Happiness lies near,
but my mind won't let my heart reach for it,
and happiness never knew.

I live in a prison,
solitary confinement.
Fear is my guard.

Nothing stops happiness from reaching me,
only me from it.
I am sure that if I can ever grasp it
that the barrier will be forever shattered.

How do you break through invisible bars?
What is it like to touch something you've never had?

I am confined to myself,
Just me and my sadness.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I've been missing from the scene for over a month now. I was confused as per the topic for the blog but after a lot of thinking and events which happened in the last month i've decided to write about one of the most Notorious topics around, i.e Love.
What is love? i've asked a lot of people and everyone had their own definition of the same, for some it was nothing but a big joke, maybe cause they didn't get their happy ending? for some it was the comfort of going back home to someone they know are waiting for them to return so things can resume from where they paused it. For some it was something very pure, so pure that it changes them as a person, makes them want to be a better person, change their ways of doing things, dealing life in a more positive manner. for some it means to sit in a dark corner all alone listening to sad songs and wanting to be out of touch from everything which reminds them of the person who broke their heart and things which make them recall the moments they've spent together. For some love lays in the embrace of their parents, family or friends, one hug from anyone and they are recharged and are ready to take on the worst day in the history of human beings, these kind of people in my opinion are the happiest as they multiply the positivity in them only by being around people who throw off a shining positive aura.
Love is really hard to explain like this but i am sure that as you read this you will somehow be able to relate to this piece in one way or the other. Love is not a normal feeling, it is way beyond ordinary and yes it does changes your life in a huge manner, be it positive or negative it does, its something which could make you go all soft from the inside or literally turn you into a cold, indifferent person. Something which could light up your life or simple make your time the dullest of them all. Its something really confusing, as told above it is not something ordinary its beyond that so when your regular set of feelings is hit by love, you are tend to get confused as your regular feelings have added something new to it and you have trouble adjusting to that feeling, nobody really like to change their circle of emotions, so when love hits you, it is bound to bother you in every possible way. I believe its something very pure, innocent, but sadly we've in these times have chose to use love as an excuse for everything, our failures, our irresponsibility, our carelessness, basically we just use it to cover up for every mistake we've carried out in our life just to give ourselves false comfort that we are who we are because of that fucked up emotion which has ruined our life, people who think like this, i am sorry to break it to you but its not that emotion who has ruined your life, it is YOU who fucked up, not love, so what if you didn't get what you wanted/needed? its not the end of life, because this emotion hits you again eventually even after failure of one, two or several experiences, you have to stay positive and look for the better things in life. I am a strong believer in the statement " It was for the best " so take your time, cry over it, complain about it, rant about it, but move on, don't just stand there waiting for a miracle to take place, make your own mark, make your own miracle, because, my friend believe it or not, Love comes again.
One thing is for sure, it is a life changing emotion, for some it has a very dark effect and for some it just lights up their life, for the people who are in the dark effect i'd just like to say the samething again, you have to truly believe that it was for the best that you didn't get what you intended to get, but you don't have to rush things, you take your time, think over things, analyze where you went wrong, because its not possible that you didn't do something which wasn't right, there's always a detail, maybe a very small blunder but there always is one, so find that blunder, correct your ways and wait for the right moment and the right person to share your emotions with and happiness awaits you, that is a promise. And for the people who are under the positive effect of love i just have this to say, don't just take the positivity out of your relation make sure to return the same, don't just take, return as well, don't take love for granted because people change, feelings change if left ignored if someone is giving you their 100 percent make sure that you pay them back with a 101 percent of you so they also feel loved and special, don't just make it about yourself, its always "us" "we" not "me" or "I" . If someone sings you a song, you write them a song, if someone takes you out for a good time, make that time memorable for them, its the small things in life that just make it more easier to keep love alive.

For people who go like " hate the game not the player " well, mr/miss Player, fuck you and your wicked ways, its because of people like you that such a pure emotion is used to achieve irrational demands and most certainly give it a bad name as every second goes by, its nothing to be proud of, nothing to be happy about it rather it is something to be ashamed off that because of just a handful of people everyone who expresses his/her true feelings is labeled as a liar or as we Pakistani's say " fankaar " no one is ready to believe them and why? just because some asshole already has used the same things to get what he/she wanted and then just walk away like that leaving their victims to feel like crap, feel like they were never wanted, like they don't deserved to be loved, the victims cling on to their lies so bad that they think every word said to them is a lie and they create this void within themselves and they just tend to get lost in the same void slowly everyday, finding escapes in little things and lies. So for all the players out there, who no one really wants i just want to say that you're the lowest of them all and everything you do is being watched and everything will be accounted for maybe not here but in the afterlife when questions will be asked your skills of manipulating things won't be of any use there, every question you'd be asked will be left unanswered and you will be rewarded equally. For people who are stuck in the lies, be strong, you surly did not deserve whatever has happened to you but believe me if you take this as a lesson and move on with life something better and someone WAY better awaits you, to share your moments of happiness with you but most importantly to heal you, to take away your pains like they never existed, but the key here is to believe in the same and just move on, doesn't mean right away or just like that, time is not an issue, take your time and just go on with life.
People who make fun of love or say they are indifferent towards the same, my condolences to you guys, you people are just missing out on the best life has to offer to you, not getting the change to feel something so marvelous and pure makes me want to feel sorry for that bunch of people, sorry not because they are inferior or something sorry because they'd never get to know the feeling of being happy without a reason, going back home after a shit ass day but seeing that one person and eventually having no memory of the same as the smile on that one person's face when he/she sees you makes you forget every reality in life, their loving eyes saying "i got you, you don' have to worry about anything" that is the one of the most purest things in life, knowing that one person no matter what would stand with you regardless and supports your principles in life no matter how difficult or vague they are, the same person would never leave your side, is the reason why i feel sorry for people who are indifferent towards love. 
To wrap it all up i just want to say, let yourself go, don't be too strict, yes look into it and if you feel like it go ahead, don't just strap yourselves into a big NO, sometimes its better to get loose and go with the flow.

Someone who i value a lot had to say this when i asked, what do you think love is? " A feeling you have for the way someone feels about you, The feeling being just as confusing as the statement itself " . These two lines are the inspiration for this blog. 
Hate, Lies.
Love, Respect.
Taha A Wyne.

Monday, May 20, 2013


11th May was the day when truth was to prevail but yet again it was stopped and an obstacle of 5 long years has been put in front of it. Honestly speaking i don't know why do people repeat such mistakes again but they again have proved that they are not ready for change and why aren't they ready? because they have been lied to so much that if a person tells them the truth they find it hard to believe and they always find their comfort in lies and deceit. They would rather just follow someone who they are told to and shut down their own brains, completely which is sad in its own twisted way, if you don't own thoughts of your own, why scream for better standards of education? you're not going to use it properly so why waste your time and money on the same?  I mean seriously stop wasting your time on educating your brain when you're not going to stimulate your own thoughts and be a sheep and just follow a herd without knowing, without wanting. 

While writing this i have mixed feelings, i am angry yet i have a smile on face, angry because even after 67 years of torment and injustice the people of this forsaken country fail to understand a truthful person while they chant and cherish someone who is known for his corrupt ways, the part where my anger is multiplied is when the same people start defending those corrupt looters with ill-logical dialogue and facts, are you really that blind people? are you so oblivious to the facts which are easily accessible yet you defend them? denying things said on national television? where people threat to kill your own? and you support them? Shame on you. The reason behind my smile is that in these herds of sheep most of them developed a thought process of their own with the help of which they changed their direction and chose one for themselves. They are strong willed people, they broke the status quo and followed their own mind their own voice, they were called names, labelled, but not to forget they were the ones who broke out of their comfort zones and stood for whats right though out Pakistan, be it Lahore, be it Multan, be it Pindi, be it Karachi, they came out and stood on Principles.

Karachi, Karachi, Karachi, your people have made me so proud in the past few days that i was forced to change my thoughts about your people but WOW, and i mean WOW! Standing up against death threats from the oldest thug of the city? It was amazing to see how you guys flooded the streets and got what you stood for, the respect level for you guys went to maximum for that. I saw a drunken man giving death threats on national television and after that i saw thousands of people stay right where they are without any fear whatsoever, standing for their right, standing for a better future, and when they got what they wanted, they came out again on Sunday, and proved their loyalty because of these brave people Justice prevailed.
I've been feeling very low due to the out come of the Elections, i really expected an upset from Pakistan Tehreek - e - Insaaf, but that didn't happen, okay maybe i didn't expect PTI to form the Government but the number of seats they attained really does not reflect the support they really have, millions of people voted for PTI but i don't know where it all went wrong, maybe rigging, maybe bad polling or whatever but something did go wrong, not to forget on some seats rigging was so evident that even a 10 year old could point out who did it and why! Leaving all that behind we should not forget that we the PTIFamily contested the Elections for the first time and emerged as the 2nd biggest party of Pakistan, we did a favor to the country, we got them rid of PPP, MQM and ANP. And to be honest if you ask me, Imran Khan was right (always is) change has come, 60% + turn out, this happened after 30 LONG years, but sadly their votes were changed, ripped off, casted before they even reached the polling stations. Funny stories were also heard on that magical day, people who have died years ago also somehow came to the polling station and casted their votes. 

Imran Khan, sir, my leader, my hero, what do i say other than i am sorry, but i tried, i went from door to door to give your message to people to convince them to vote for you, not only me but many other TR's did the same but we are sorry that we didn't deliver PTI victory which was our main purpose, but we gave it our all we gave it our best! Not to forget that after 17 years of struggle and the loss you've sustained in that journey has reaped in the shape of KPK. Not to forget that KPK is the hardest of them all, this is where you  will be tested again, hard times will repeat themselves, obstacles will be placed, but inshaAllah we have full faith in you and we know that every hurdle put in front of will be crushed. 

In the end i just want to thank you all on the behalf of the Chairman PTI who i met at SKMH yesterday, he asked me to tell all my friends who have worked for PTI that they have done a fabulous job and that they deserve all the praises in the world, he continued by saying that all of us are his TIGERS and that he is proud of us all. Further more he said that  the team of youngsters he has made in the time of two years is his most valuable asset and that he will always make sure that he makes them proud. One of my fellow TR and my dearest friend was very upset about these election results but then she realized that the change has really come when she saw a lot of people standing up against rigging in their respective polling stations, this blog is dedicated to the same friend, you did your part, you made me proud, you made your leader proud but most of all you made Pakistan proud, you stood up against the cruel and wicked and you made sure your voice was heard, and by God what a scream it was.

to wrap this up, we the PTI Family condemn the shooting of Apa Zahra, who was shot twice in the head two days back, Apa you might not be with us physically but you will always live in our memories as a great, kind, loving woman for times to come. We pray for your forgiveness and we pray that your family over comes this great loss as soon as possible.

Pakistan Zindabad.
Humanity, Justice, Self Esteem.

Taha Asif Mahmood. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tabeeli kay Nishaan

This piece is about a group of people who are meant to be the most significant assets of the most popular political party of the country.

Who are these people? Who do they work for? Who do they support and respect? I'll get to that in a bit, but let me tell you this, this specific group of people are so enthusiastic and so full of positivity that it literally glows on their faces. They have this powerful meaning to their beings which draws them all to the streets on a single call of one person alone. 
Moving forward, sometimes i wonder if these people are insane, gathering at a place just on the single cue of a person they believe in, whatever the conditions or weather maybe like. But then, I’m moved by the "Junoon" and "Dedication" they bring along and I am forced to think that, NO, they're not insane, probably they are the best thing that has happened to this country in years, the focus they have to change this country and to work for better times is so moving that one has to be within them to feel the same, I’ve been honored enough to join them on various occasions, so the power they make you feel is something I say after experiencing it and is not merely hearsay. 
This group of individuals has undertaken oaths on different events and by that oath they undertake to do the following things:

1. Deliver the word of Change Door to Door.
2. Take responsibility of 20 Votes.  
3. Work for the political party they support. 

Point 1 means that a person who works for the same purpose has to basically walk from door to door to provide, the people of every household of a specific area, the message they bring with them. Point 2 means that they have to debate a lot with the people they visit as they have promised to convince 20 people to vote for the party they work for. Point 3 means that after they are done with 1 and 2 they have to go back to the office of that party and report them as per the work they've carried out and learn about all the new updates which are available in that respective office. 

By now, I am sure that you know who these people are, yes! They are the Tabdeeli Razakars of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, who have full faith that only Imran Khan can save this country, and for that they face a lot of criticism. They’re often made fun of and called names but does that change their passion and drive to save this country from its inevitable doom if IK is not elected? NO, it does not! Because they know that they are working hard for Pakistan and Allah (SWT) does not turn down hard work, rather, it is returned with the best results ever and in this particular case, will be, the Victory of PTI on 11th May InshaAllah. 

Now we all know that if someone is doing something good or pious a lot of people will try to obstruct their path, why? because they themselves can never do the same and they are jealous and envious of the fact that someone can be so determined to do something! So, to derail them they carry out as demeaning acts as can be, but little do they know that PTI's Tabdeeli Razakars have undertook oaths to change this country and they will never break their promises to their party no matter what comes, be it PMLN's attempts to threaten them or be it PPP's corrupt ways to stop them, no obstacle can hinder their path for they have left their comfort zones and have came out into the battle field with one purpose alone which is to make Pakistan Tehreek - e - Insaaf the ruling party of this country, so that, FINALLY, after 30+ years the status quo which has demolished our homeland can slowly be put to an end and Pakistan is put back on track towards success and a better future for all.

Coming to the point of difference between PTI TR's and others is that PTI TR's are out there not for their own personal interest they are out there for YOU in the name of their beautiful motherland which has been tormented on a daily basis by the ruling corrupts who have looted the country in the name of democracy for a very long time, they DO NOT get paid to do the same! They bear their expenses themselves, why? Because as stated earlier they are dedicated to bring about change and to get rid of old ways where votes are bought by money, where people are called upon an event in the name of food and other things. They believe in debating, they believe in words, they believe that they can change a person’s view by telling them why they should vote for PTI and how only PTI only can now save Pakistan from the clutches of doom. They go from door to door with PTI's Manifesto and explain the same to people who are out of reach of the new updates and on goings of the political world.

If you are not a PTI TR, I urge you to become one, not on the basis of Imran Khan's looks and history, but on the basis of Imran Khan's truthfulness and present, do your bit of political research without being biased and inshaAllah you will know why you should support Imran Khan on his mission for a Naya Pakistan. 
The years of fear and tyranny have to come to an end this 11th May. Why should a person in Karachi be afraid of buying an expensive phone? Why should be a person in Lahore be afraid to express his or her views? Why should a person be deprived of his/her fundamental rights in KPK? WHY DO WE HAVE TO BE OPPRESSED ALL THE TIME? It’s time you stood up for yourself and your country. Can't you hear your motherland's cry for help? Can't you see your own kind getting brutally murdered? Can't you feel the pain of your people when they have to feed their child but their hands are tied due to the inflation which grows every day? Can't you see how they are using all of you just so that they could all have their own purposes fulfilled? All of this ends on 11th May inshaAllah but it’d not be possible until you stand for yourself and your country. Be the person who can proudly tell people that I am a part of history, it is because of me that my beautiful country still exists. Be the courier of Change, be a Tabdeeli Razakar.

My Name is Taha Asif Wyne and I am a Tabdeeli Razakar and I promise to work selflessly for my country and PTI. 

Justice, Humanity, Self Esteem. 

To become a TR, visit the following link,

Editor : Rabia Abdul.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Saman :D

always smiling never down,that head of yours deserves a crown.

the way you speak it makes a perfect chain, proves that you possess both, beauty and brain.

a FCB fan aisi waisee,i hope and pray that you soon get married with Lionel Messi.

loves her friends to the max,i'm sure you've never missed a FCB match.

the way you handle creeps is funny, their always reminded of their nani.

I was late to wish you on your special day, hoping that you forgive me as i was away.

Keep on smiling like you do,May Allah always shower his blessings upon you.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SAMAN! Hope this puts a smile on your face :).
Taha A Wyne.